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All The Mother's Children

The NPCs of "Emerald Shadows" & "Emerald Facets"

10/12/06 01:58 pm - Driving Miss Nelli

((This picks up from here.))

After a ride down the East Shore, Ellison pulls into the Lanikai Condominiums, parking next to one of the units.

He gets out of the car, waving to a dark-haired girl who sits on the veranda reading a book. "Marla!"

The girl looks up at the sound of his voice, revealing her pale complexion and glasses. Her face lights up as Ellison gets out of the car. "Daddy!"

With that, she's running up to greet him with an enthusiastic embrace. As he looks down at her, his face softens just a little. "Hi there, Princess. Have you been a good girl?"

She nods, hugging him tightly. Then she looks up at him cautiously. "Do you need to go out again tonight?"

He considers that for a moment, then shakes his head. "I think we can stay in tonight. Why don't we see what's on TV after dinner?" He ruffles her hair. "Or we could go shopping - I'm sure you could use some new clothes for school."

9/19/06 07:44 am - Evening in the ocean near a small cove on Kauai

Scent-of-Blood-in-the-Water swims back to the slew, her sending alive with excitement. :He has been here - I can sense it.:

Teeth-in-the-Enemy sends assent. :We can wait for him here, and when he comes next, we will finish him.:

The enormous tiger shark and the smaller Galapagos shark swim around the open water near the cove, alert for any signs of their prey. Even if he does not appear tonight, they know they have time.

7/6/06 07:39 am - Interlude - A small island in the Hawai'ian archipelago

((OOC: All dialogue in sqaure brackets is in Hawai'ian.))

Regal as a lioness, Kalama reclines on the sand, enjoying the way the grittiness caresses her flesh.

Behind a cut for disturbing imagery.Collapse )

"[My lady]!" the Thrashing Dragon, Halia, makes her way across the sands, her long hair trailing in the sea breeze. "[The spirits have told me of a new Dragon Nest]!"

That gets Kalama's interest. "[Truly? Where?]?"

"[On the island Kauai]," Halia replies. "[It is in the valley called Hanalei.]"

Kalama gives that some thought. "[This is well. That area is within our Court, so there will be no one to claim it is not ours by right.]" She beckons Halia to sit beside her. "[Tell me more.]"

6/7/06 09:08 am - Interlude - Somewhere in Hanalei Valley

((All dialogue in square brackets is in the language of the menehune.))

Nahoa enters the ali'i's dwelling and makes a deep obeisance before the chief. "[They have come, my lord - the beasts in the skins of men. There are a great many of them in the valley even as we speak.]"

Kamea considers what the warrior has told him, stroking his chin thoughtfully, his expression troubled. "[Have they found the mana?]"

Nahoa nods grimly. "[They are placing a dwelling nearby - I heard someone say that this will bring even more of them.]" His eyes take on a hard, flinty glitter. "[Let me take the warriors and drive them off the island forever! We cannot let them take the mana from us!]"

A tall woman, her night-black hair wreathed with flowers, speaks from where she sits a little ways away. "[I have seen them in battle, Nahoa. If we strike without knowing their numbers and abilities, many could die. Perhaps we should watch them for a time before we decide on what to do.]"

Nahoa snorts. "[Typical of you, Malana. You wait, and you stall, and by the time you make a decision, they will have us overrun!]"

Kamea hold up a hand. "[Peace! Malana is right - we must know what they are capable of before we send our warriors against them.]" He looks deep into Nahoa's eyes. "[We menehune are too few as it is.]"

Nahoa's eyes still smoulder, but he reluctantly acquiesces to the ali'i's pronouncement. "[As you wish, my lord. But if any of them crosses my path, he will find my spear in his guts!]" With that, he turns on his heel and stalks out of the dwelling. **[I must make them see how dangerous the beast-men are! But how?**
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